Music Distribution


Digital Distribution 

The difference between our company and a straight distribution or aggregation deal is that we also offer a team to manage your sales directly to the accounts. We can manage everything. We make sure you are getting the best shot at promotions, merchandising, playlists and overall exposure. We talk to retailers on your behalf in the most effective and efficient way.

If you were to use a digital aggregator (like CD Baby or Tunecore) or a distribution company (like RED, Redeye or ADA), one of your team members would still need to manage and direct the business, set up promotions, communicate marketing to retailers, manage pricing strategy, secure your songs on playlists, make sure you are represented everywhere you need to be and communicate with you and the rest of your team on sales, promotions and marketing ideas that fit into your vision. There are 2,000-3,000 new releases every week. You need someone on your team to cut through the noise.

With us, you get a team who will manage all sales, retail marketing AND Distribution. All under one umbrella. This a huge advantage and a very unique model. We also structured it in a way so it comes at a much lower cost to you, but with much more service.

We will manage the sales of all retail product. We work to secure you the right type of distribution for your music. This can include all Digital sales, streaming, YouTube, Pandora, CD and vinyl and wherever the market leads us. 

We solicit and communicate directly with all retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Youtube, Indie retail stores (marketing groups), Best Buy, Target, Walmart and anywhere else that makes sense, including international.

Physical Distribution 

WE BELIEVE that there should be a physical element to a full album's release. We can manage this entire process for you, from manufacturing and warehousing to shipping and making sure your product gets to the right stores.

Along with our physical distribution partner SuperD/Alliance Entertainment Corporation (AEC) we can get your music to wherever we need it across the globe, keeping it simple for you!

Domestically, we have direct contact and relations with all the independent retail stores and marketing groups, along with Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Urban Outfitters and more. Depending upon the sales level all these accounts are reachable.